Outreach Ministries
by Charles and Maridee Farrow

The world has been described as a dark abyss, but Jesus said in Matthew 5:16, “…Let your light shine before men...and praise your Father in heaven.”

With our outreach effort we concentrate on Christian ministry assignments.  We believe that the Lord has gifted us with this calling, and what we do to help spread His light to others is our thank you to Him. 


"You really captured the soul of India, both the family of God, and the culture."

Court F. Wood,
Founder and President of In Jesus' Name Ministries

"Romans 10:15 - "And how shall they preach unless they are sent?..."

"I am so glad to share that our ministry in India - Sow the Seed was very blessed to have your wonderful help and skills in the area of photography and video shooting for our Gospel Crusades and for our Pastoral Conferences. Thank you for making video clippings. We are receiving responses from people around the globe who have accessed the clippings you made for our outreach Ministry.

May God continue to bless in this wonderful area of serving the Lord by producing Photographs and Videos to promote Missions and Ministries for the sake of the extension of the Kingdom of God."

God Bless You.

Bishop Syamson Roberts

Kingdom Gospel Ministries & Sow The Seed - India
8-22-93 Sitanagar 2nd Lane, Guntur - 522 001.
Andra Pradesh (State). Southeast India.
Phone & Fax: 91-863-2321696 ~ Cell: 9440289493
Email: kingdomgospel@yahoo.com

"Much, much, much thanks for your unique ministry. Your ministry makes it possible for sermons to be heard by people that preachers will never meet in person."

C.T. Sowa
Graduate student in ministry at Bethel Seminary, St. Paul, Minnesota

"I want you to know how blessed we are that God has given you a gift in the area of "Video Production." Your work in the IMF Missions Video shows real professionalism and high quality! As I mentioned before, your voiceover was awesome and the whole project was done really well.

We look forward to using this as we look to inform others more about how IMF plays an important and vital role in aiding and assisting those in the front lines of ministry to reach the lost with the Gospel of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. To God be the glory, great things He has done!!

Thank you so much for helping us and may God richly bless you."

Yours in Christ,

Dana & Lisamarie McCully











Church Refugee Gardens
Length - 02:25

  Now is the Time-Arrive Ministries
Length - 03:40
India 2011 Mission Trip Video Report  

India 2011 Mission Trip Video Report
Length - 09:16

Spring of Living Wate  

India 2011 Spring of Living Water Slide Show with Audio
Length - 05:04

India 2009   India Mission Trip 2009 Slide Show
  Travel Through the Holy Land
Slide Show with Audio

Length - 04:05
A Passion for God-Argentina  

A Passion for God—Argentina
Slide Show with Audio

Length - 04:27


Pray for India Video
Length - 13:53

Link to Pray for India Slideshow
  Pray for India
Slide Show with Audio

Length - 03:09
Yucatan Video
  Video of Yucatan Mission Trip
Length - 08:32
Photos of Yucatan
  Photos of Yucatan Mission Trip
McCully Video
  Dana & Lisamarie McCully
Missionary Support Video
Length - 06:41
Casa Video

Bienvenidos a Casa de Niños Video
en español

Length -09:09

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